Help us to create The Goingman Camera Museum

What must be done to open the Museum?

The existing building (No.10 calle Santa Catalina, Villafranca del Bierzo, 24500 – Spain) requires a full, purpose-based refurbishment following the new Museum design. 

The entire building

For the whole building, it is necessary to:

  • create a new and efficient energy-saving heating/cooling system on all 3 floors 
  • upgrade the current water and drainage system
  • equip appliances at the property to comply with the actual fire & safety standards
  • set a new surveillance system
  • fit a Wi-Fi system 
  • display a new Museum sign on the outside wall above the entrance

The building has three floors:

Ground floor

On the ground floor there will be:

  • A reception at the front.
  • A store room/engine room at the back where the new heat pump will be placed,- among other installations and appliances.

It is necessary to:

  • change the doors and windows for new double-glazed ones.
  • install wall insulation
  • lay down an underfloor heating system
  • install the heat pump which serves the whole building

The ground floor plan:

The first floor

On the first floor there will be:

  • The MUSEUM. A unique and open showroom throughout with showcases for the cameras and some interactive screens.

It is necessary to:

  • first remove the existing internal walls
  • change the windows and doors for modern ones
  • apply insulation
  • set up a new air conditioning system on the wall
  • change or renovate the floorboards,- where it is necessary
  • design and create the new display cabinets for the exhibition
  • change the electrical cable system and create professional lighting
  • update the bathroom

The plan of the first floor:

The second floor

On the second floor there will be:

  • An office for the management at the front.
  • A workshop – for the maintenance and necessary repairs for the old camera pieces.

It is necessary to:

  • create two separate rooms with the removal of some of the internal walls
  • change the windows and doors for modern new ones
  • re-do a new and insulated roof 
  • fit solar panels on the roof
  • insulate the floor
  • set up new heating panels on the wall which should use the hot water generated by the heat pump from downstairs
  • refresh the bathroom interior

The plan of the second floor:

Watch the video:

Help us to create The Goingman Camera Museum

For all the people who donate more than €100 we offer a place to be on The Goingman Camera Museum’s “List of Top Donors”. The list will be displayed on the Museum’s online website and also in The Goingman Camera Museum in Villafranca del Bierzo.