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What's in "The Goingman Camera Collection"?

The collection includes more than 1,000 different and unique cameras and countless other accessories related to the development of analog photography from its spanning 100 years of history (1880-1980). It is a special and representative collection from cultural, historical and also photo technical points of view. The collection itself still growing today in many ways and from many different sources.

The collection is based upon the wide variety of Folding cameras represented in the collection by various designs, sizes, origins and shapes. Also the many types of Rangefinder cameras and a lot of classic Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras as well. But apart from these models still there are nice complements of Large Format Wood & Brass cameras, Bakelite cameras, several Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) cameras, Instant and other Polaroid machines, Box cameras, Press cameras and even handheld Film cameras from the start of the XX. century. Furthermore, there are some strange Stereo cameras and very exclusive Panoramic cameras and many other items to display as well,- which would attract the attention even of experts with a trained eye.

Also have to be mentioned the countless numbers of accessories too: rangefinders, flashes, tripods, cables, filters, etc. The same applies to old paper photographs, photographic plates and daguerreotypes as well as the many other types of photographic equipment and film-developing devices, all of which once used by analog photographers.

And last but not least the collection also contains a lot of technical descriptions and other photo and camera advertising materials that could be related to many of the cameras. These are to add an in-depth, a better understanding of the cameras for the visitors of the future exhibition and overall will further expand the quality level of the Museum.

The actual size of the planned The Goingman Camera Museum – which still depend on the given financial availabilities and their accessibility in the future – will make possible for approximately 500+ of these photo machines and the related materials of this beautiful collection to be exhibited simultaneously in thematic and chronological order.

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