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el museo de the Goinman Camera Collection

It is a non-profit organization created by 3 founding members (Gergely Tichy-Racs, Rozsa Benedek and Brigitta Jarvas). The association was officially registered on April 8th, 2022 in Villafranca del Bierzo in accordance with the current Spanish legislation regarding its membership and activities.
The immediate and primary objective of the Association is:

  • Create and carry out a Museum (The Goingman Camera Museum) and the associated infrastructure. Open it to the public (free of charge) in the building which will be made available to the Association ( No.10 Calle Santa Catalina), in the town of Villafranca del Bierzo, Spain.
  • The Museum will have a permanent exhibition open to the public that displays various items of “The Goingman Camera Collection” which includes vintage cameras and other photographic equipment.

The Association also has set long-term goals, such as:

  • Manage the daily operations of the Museum.
  • Preservation, maintenance and enrichment of the existing collection.
  • Also, generate and support cultural and educational activities both on local and general levels. For example: organize talks and temporary exhibitions as well as create publicity, increase popularity and generate tourism.

The Association has as an important objective regarding its own designations, the running of the future Museum and the related assignments. The Association has been established and will remain dedicated to its role to function as a non-governmental organization ( NGO) with zero-profit goals. With that intention in mind, we work to meet its set economical requirements to reach its targets and to serve the public while committed to remaining financially as a nonprofit organization at the same time.

More about us

The collection includes more than 1,000 different and unique analog photo cameras and countless other supplemented items related to a 100-year section (1880-1980) of photography history. A special and representative collection from the historical, cultural and photo-technical points of view.

The collection was founded by one of the founding members about 15 years ago and has been growing and expanding ever since from countless sources. The members of  The Goingman Camera Collection Cultural Association are determined to save old cameras in general and to look after this special collection in particular. Preserve this unique piece of cultural and technological history today and connect it with future generations for tomorrow.

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On the one hand, currently, there is no parallel exhibition of old photo cameras available in Spain in this volume and concentration.

On the other hand, this particular collection in its entirety has never been displayed anywhere until now. The Association’s current attempt to create this Museum will be the first time for the public to meet, enjoy and learn more about the collection. Also, it is the first opportunity to put it in its rightful place amongst our cultural heritage for the future.

The city of Villafranca del Bierzo in Spain is an ideal choice in many aspects. Its rich culture and architectural heritage, the beauty of the surrounding historical urban areas, the wider natural environment and last but not least the interest, kindness and support of the local people provide a good basis for the creation of this Museum here.

The centrally located building of the planned Museum (Calle Santa Catalina 10, Villafranca del Bierzo, León, Spain 24500) is available freely for the Association with the sole purpose and use to complete this project. The property is both structurally and dimensionally a suitable and adequate place for a Museum and is ready for the planned future refurbishment here.

Villafranca del Bierzo is also an important milestone on the well-known Camino de Santiago pilgrims route. The founders of The Goingman Camera Collection Cultural Association themselves have a strong personal and close bond with the spirit of the Camino Frances. It is especially and also individually important for us that the site of the future Museum is located on one of the focal points of the “Camino” and so crossing paths with hundreds of walkers who come here every day from all the different corners of the world.

The first step – and right now the most important task ahead of the Association is – to establish the financial conditions which are necessary to complete the required future renovation works on the Museum building.

These includes:

  • The creation of the combined open interiors which is already has been designed in accordance with the existing preliminary plans.
  • Comprehensive energy rehabilitation of the building with the installation of a new and modern heating/cooling system (heat pumps) combined with effective insulation and the task of changing windows and doors for the highest possible energy efficiency.
  • An additional installation of a solar cell system is  needed which – all together with the above-mentioned energy saving methods – will allow the Museum to provide the public with the lowest carbon emissions and maximize energy efficiency where possible. Our target is for zero emission if that is possible and to relieve the pressure on the environment.
  • It is also necessary to restructure the existing obsolete electrical system and update the current water system.
  • The design of a high-standard showroom for the collection is equally important. A unified and functional space for the high-level exhibition hall and the creation of wooden display cabinets for the Museum site are needed. Such as one that meets the needs of the given minimum requirements for this exhibition which is to fit the collection, but at the same time also suits the expected professional looks that the Association wants. Something that fits organically into the thematics of the exhibition and equaly matches the style of the building and influenced by its environment.
  • The professional and purposefully made light fittings for the showcases which illuminates the cameras and the entire exhibition room itself. These are both indispensable to invest.
  • Last but not least it is crucial to meet the criterias for the building to be equipped with the necessary fire and safety installations. In addition to it, a closed surveillance system is recommended and required due to the represented value of the collection.

Look the project

The association already has all the administrative legal documents and plans which are needed to start the project at any given time. Yet we do not have the necessary financial resources to carry it out at present. 

The estimated amount for the labor and material required for construction and the necessary built-in facilities round up to approximately EUR 159 116 (Incl. VAT)


   Detailed Budget Information   


This amount also represents the minimum amount required for the work to begin, and so the existence of the full amount is essential for the practical cooperation with the contractors. All in all, we can say that if the total amount indicated for financing is not secured for the Association, then the actual physical development and the creation of the Museum are not possible.

It is important to mention that the target amount indicated above in the fundraising campaign can be reduced and/or corrected at a later date, taking into account the actual results achieved. The Goingman Camera Collection Cultural Association is constantly looking for opportunities to achieve its short- and long-term goals. Thus, in connection with the design and building of the future Museum, for example, we have submitted a tender grant for energy reconstruction. An achievement which seems to be possible at the moment with the planned high level of energy efficiency. On the other hand, providing the services related to the future operation of The Goingman Camera Museum and the other goals indicated by the organization in its founding document will continue to carry a financial burden, which will remain the responsibility of The Goingman Camera Collection Cultural Association in the long term.

This is why The Goingman Camera Collection Cultural Association asks for and needs Your help now.

More information

The Goingman Camera Collection Cultural Association is committed to establishing, operating and expanding The Goingman Camera Museum as a non-profit organization.

But at the same time, this also means that we almost exclusively rely on other sources and/or donations that can help achieve our short and long-term goals.

That is why we are looking for people, organizations and companies that are in agreement with our prospects and can identify with the needs of the Museum and with our goals. Who also have the will and motivation to support its realization in the future.

The ways You can help are:

  • one-time donation
  • making multiple donations – or even making regular small monthly donations.
  • being a collaborator – helping to manage and publicize the activities of The Goingman Camera Collection Cultural Association in a voluntary act either locally or at a larger scale
  • every other kind of help – anything that could be offered to the Association and which in any way may help us, could be considered positive and welcomed. With any questions in relation please do not hesitate to contact us.

All the help, being small or large, can bring us closer to our goal.

Let’s create this Museum together!

Each donation that reaches The Goingman Camera Collection Cultural Association serves directly and exclusively to cover its expenses. These either help for the execution of the necessary works of the creation of The Goingman Camera Museum and the related infrastructure or serves to maintain services essential for the operation of The Goingman Camera Museum itself. We keep our donors informed of the expenses in a totally transparent way.

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Help us to create The Goingman Camera Museum

For all the people who donate more than €100 we offer a place to be on The Goingman Camera Museum’s “List of Top Donors”. The list will be displayed on the Museum’s online website and also in The Goingman Camera Museum in Villafranca del Bierzo.