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Fundraising campaign - 2023

The Goingman Camera Collection Cultural Association is continuously seeking opportunities to create the necessary financial conditions for the establishment of the Museum. In line with our principles, the Association has now joined the list of fundraisers on the Gofundme platform to reach out to more individuals sympathetic to our cause.

From this point onward, we can receive support not only directly but also through the Gofundme organization. With this new registration on the Gofundme platform, we have officially launched our fundraising campaign for the year 2023.

You can show your support by clicking here: Support Us on Gofundme.

Be among the first to contribute to the creation of The Goingman Camera Museum. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, is highly meaningful to us. Thank you very much.

Help us to create The Goingman Camera Museum

For all the people who donate more than €100 we offer a place to be on The Goingman Camera Museum’s “List of Top Donors”. The list will be displayed on the Museum’s online website and also in The Goingman Camera Museum in Villafranca del Bierzo.

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